© Elizabeth Rock
One does not own beauty,One creates it.In their dreamsThey feel they can obtain it.All alone, in a dark nights rest.All their thoughts…..Lifeless.Cursed by changeHidden by lies,Running from the truthBeauty now dies.They don’t understandThey don’t really care.Beauty now burnsSmoke in the air.Years go byAnd age seeps in.Beauty’s worn outLife is giving in.Death creeps up,Beauty now cries.You’re all aloneIn your beautiful lies!


© Elizabeth Rock
One does not own beauty,
One creates it.
In their dreams
They feel they can obtain it.

All alone, in a dark nights 
All their thoughts…..

Cursed by change
Hidden by lies,
Running from the truth
Beauty now dies.

They don’t understand
They don’t really care.
Beauty now burns
Smoke in the air.

Years go by
And age seeps in.
Beauty’s worn out
Life is giving in.

Death creeps up,
Beauty now cries.
You’re all alone
In your beautiful lies!